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The Forever Evolving Definition of Community

A glimpse into some upcoming projects by Team Sunshine Performance Corporation.

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Team Sunshine Performance Corporation

Benjamin Camp, Makoto Hirano, Alex Torra

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Monday, 25 October 2021

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Team Sunshine has been wrestling with the concept of "community" for a long time. In the company's 10 year history, it has created a bunch of projects and processes that serve as experiments in community, but what the company (and the field) mean by that word feels so elusive sometimes. Team Sunshine's Co-Founders Makoto Hirano, Benjamin Camp, and Alex Torra have a public convo about the topic and share clips from the company's past and upcoming works in the hopes of elucidating what the company is looking to accomplish when it brings people together.

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The Forever Evolving Definition of Community

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Meet the Artist

Team Sunshine Performance Corporation

Team Sunshine Performance Corporation



Team Sunshine Performance Corporation brings together the unique, passionate, dark, and hilarious from contemporary American live performance.

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Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 4

Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 4

Thursday, 28 October 2021



Meet the Curator

Jake Hooker

Jake Hooker



Jake is a theatremaker, educator, scholar, and Co-Director of A Host of People.

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