Second Skin: Imposter [FLUENCY]

An exploration of the second self, from duality and the passing of time to the physicality of introduction our presentations of self.

Lead Artist:


Damani Pompey (Magnus Works)

Damani Pompey, Issa Perez, Cain Coleman

This show was streamed during the PRELUDE Festival 2021 from the following date but is not available to watch currently.

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Monday, 25 October 2021

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Second Skin: Imposter [FLUENCY] is the exploration of the second self. We will be exploring duality, the passing of time, and the physicality of introduction through our surfaced presentations of self. What does it take to practice self-control and challenge a self-centered perspective? Are we honoring the gift of life with honesty, integrity and keen awareness? In the current social climate, where we are choosing divisiveness to protect the security of self, “Second Skin: Imposter” will research these ideas through physical performance and dissection of space through an exploration of divine spirit and the feminine and masculine energies. Who are we really if not parts of each other?

Focus, Concept and Direction: Damani Pompey
Choreography: Damani Pompey
Artists: The Dragon Sisters, Tamisha Guy & Kar’mel Small
Music & Meditation: Damani Pompey, Leul Maskal, Sean McVerry feat. Terence Nance
Text: Damani Pompey
Cinematography: Samantha Morris
Direction of Photography: Damani Pompey
Edit: Yasmeen Jawhar
Photography: Conor McNamara
Costumes: Damani Pompey & Alexander Propios
BTS: Synead Nichols & Alexander Propios
Assistance: Devon Marlie
Special Thanks: TELFAR.TV & Telfar Global

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Second Skin: Imposter [FLUENCY]

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Meet the Artist

Damani Pompey

Damani Pompey


New York

Damani is an interdisciplinary artist: working as a movement educator, freelance lighting designer, movement artist, director, and choreographer.

Hear them talk

Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 1

Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 1

Monday, 25 October 2021



Meet the Curator

Arien Wilkerson

Arien Wilkerson

New York


Arien is a Philadelphia-based gender-fluid black queer choreographer, performer, filmmaker, and installation artist.

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