faggy faafi Cairo boy

A play set in Cairo and Purgatory, that attempts to answer the question, "Can homophobia survive the grave?"

Lead Artist:


Mariam Bazeed

Mariam Bazeed, Dina El Kamelr, Louis Sallan, Martin Zebari

This show was streamed during the PRELUDE Festival 2021 from the following date but is not available to watch currently.

7pm ET

Friday, 29 October 2021

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a play set in Cairo and Purgatory, attempts to answer the question, "Can homophobia survive the grave?" MOHAMMAD, a queer Arab man, returns from his hella gay, emigré life in New York, to Cairo and his father in a coma, laid out silent and gray on a hospital cot, from whom he is closeted. by the time the two men exit the room, father and son will know it for a fact: the worst kind of ghosts are the ones that don't come back.* featuring such characters as PORN TAPE and THE ANGEL G[abriel], "faggy faafi Cairo boy," promises to try to make you laugh-cry. an excerpt of the play was performed once in 2019 as a staged reading, and never again since. it's being shared in a digital festival cuz #Covid, and it's the play I want to finish, and nothing finishes a play like a deadline can. *this line is borrowed from Hala Alyan's poem, “The Worst Ghosts,” published in The Twenty-Ninth Year.

Mariam Bazeed (they/them) -- playwright + director
Dina El Kamel (she/her) -- actor
Lou Sallan (he/him) -- actor
Martin Zebari (he/him/they/them) -- actor

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faggy faafi Cairo boy

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Meet the Artist

Mariam Bazeed

Mariam Bazeed


New York

Mariam is an Egyptian immigrant, writer, spoken word artist, performance artist, stage actor and cook.

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Meet the Curator

Sivan Battat

Sivan Battat

New York


Sivan is a theatre director & community organizer, and the Associate Artistic Director of Noor Theatre.

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