Declan Zhang

Photo Credits: Kevin Russell Poole

New York

Declan Zhang


Declan Zhang is a percussionist, playwright, and professional chef whose artistic work is as concerned with contemporary concert music and downtown theatre as it is with simple beautiful breakfasts. They hold a Bachelors of Music in Percussion Performance from New York University, and they have performed in the United States, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and Trinidad. They were the Executive Fellow at New York Theatre Workshop during the 19-20 season, where they helped organize #OpenYourLobby.

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This year at Prelude, we are trying out

chain curating!

Declan Zhang

was invited by curator

Miranda Haymon

and forms a part of

Chain 2


How to Listen to Jazz (and Other Things I Did Not Learn in Music School)

Monday, 25 October 2021

Watch from


How to Listen to Jazz (and Other Things I Did Not Learn in Music School)

A presentation-play about artists, art school and all the things art cannot do.


Declan Zhang, Kyle Brenn


Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 2

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

12pm ET


Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 2

In conversation with New York based artists and curators that comprise the second chain in our chain curation programming this year.


Declan Zhang, Sivan Battat, Mariam Bazeed, Stefa Marin Alarcon

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