Arien Wilkerson

New York

Arien Wilkerson


Arien Wilkerson is a Philadelphia-based gender-fluid black queer choreographer, performer, filmmaker, and installation artist. Wilkerson is the founder of Tnmot Aztro, a collaborative multidisciplinary performance installation company. Tnmot Aztro considers that the complexities within art derive from the alienation of objects, identities, the body, sounds, and humans, among many things. As an entity, the artistic practice is rooted in repurposing or redefining the meanings of “fine art” and its attachments to colonialism, white supremacy, and institutionalized racism.

Wilkerson was recently awarded funding from The Graham Foundation for advanced studies in fine arts (20-21), The Velocity Fund (21), the Sachs Program for arts & Innovation at Upenn (2020), 2019 The Greater New Haven Arts Council & Connecticut office of the arts - Artist Workforce Initiative Sponsorship (2019), The Connecticut office of the arts Artist Fellow (2019).

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This year at Prelude, we are trying out

chain curating!

Arien Wilkerson

was invited by curator

Malcolm Betts

and forms a part of

Chain 1



Monday, 25 October 2021

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A digital performance piece that attempts to winnow Arien's previous works, grounded in the realities of their life as a performance artist.


Arien Wilkerson, Noah Michael Smith, Domenic Pellegrini, Hilton Plamer, Kevin Hernandez Rosa


Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 1

Monday, 25 October 2021

12pm ET


Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 1

In conversation with New York based artists and curators that comprise the first chain in our chain curation programming this year.


David Bruin, Daisy Press, Anh Vo, Malcolm Betts, Arien Wilkerson, Damani Pompey

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