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A Host Of People


A Host of People is a Detroit-based multi-racial ensemble theater company creating original work that celebrates complexity, imagination, and the synthesis of seemingly disparate elements—at once epic and intimate, political and personal, poetic and approachable. AHOP creates aesthetically rigorous, intellectually challenging theater that is also warm, welcoming, and inspiring to people from all walks of life. They choose their subject matter and themes carefully with an eye to stories, topics, and aesthetic approaches that will be equally thrilling to the most adventurous theater fans as well as those with less exposure to the form.

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This year at Prelude, we are trying out

chain curating!

A Host Of People

was invited by curator

Jake Hooker

and forms a part of

Chain 4


Fire in the Theater!

Monday, 25 October 2021

Watch from


Fire in the Theater!

A deep dive into a multimedia, community-sourced theater piece looking at free speech in a divisive and digital age.


Sherrine Azab, Jake Hooker, Aja Dier, Corinne Donly, Amanda Ewing, Karilú Alarcón Forshee, Chantel Gaidica, Charlie Gaidica, Bethany Hedden, Morgan Hutson, Chris Jakob, Dorothy Melander-Dayton, Sam Watson


Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 4

Thursday, 28 October 2021

12pm ET


Segal Talk: Chain Curation Thread 4

In conversation with artists and curators across the US that comprise the fourth chain in our chain curation programming this year.


Sherrine Azab, Jake Hooker, Benjamin Camp from Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, Maelstrom Collaborative Arts, Natalie Greene from Mugwumpin, Adil Mansoor and Paul Kruse from Hatch Arts Collective, Carra Martinez, Indee Mitchell from LOUD Theater

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